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BarConic® Copper Plated 1x2 Double Sided Jigger


Our BarConic® Copper Plated Double Sided Jiggers are great at making sure you know the amount of liquid being dispensed into a cocktail. They have been specifically engineered to ensure accuracy and exact portions. Our jiggers are perfect for establishing and maintaining consistent pour amounts. With one side able to hold a capacity of 1 ounce, and the other side, a capacity of 2 ounces, you can quickly and efficiently measure out different quantities all with one tool. Often, when bartenders pour from a bottle directly into a mixing cup without using a jigger they over pour or under pour. Cocktails that are crafted without following a steady recipe each time can have an unpredictable outcome, often resulting in cocktails that are either too strong or too weak. Our double sided jiggers will help you create drinks with a more consistent alcohol to mixer ratio, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. This simple yet essential bar tool is the best way to achieve quality cocktails and control pour quantity. The bright copper plated finish featured on this double sided jigger gives an old fashioned elegance that will make this piece an instant favorite.

  • Regulates quantity
  • Stylish copper finish
  • Double sided
  • 1 side holds 2oz., other side holds 1oz.