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Pull-Pour™ Pour Spout Remover / Multi Use Bottle Opener


Bartenders come up with some great unique ideas... including this one! If you like a bottle opener that also pulls out pour spouts here is another great option! This Multi use bar tool is certainly one of the most revolutionary products to be added to our catalog.

Not only does this handy tool open beer bottles with the efficiency of a professional speed opener, but it's exciting feature of the gripping tong design ejects stubborn pourers from the liquor bottles with a simplicity unlike any other. Designed similar to ice and garnish tongs (in which it can also be used), the stainless steel rounded indents of the tongs will slide right under the collar of your liquor pourer, allowing for a secure grip. Simply squeeze and pull! The pourer will be freed with minimal effort, and your efficiency behind the bar will be escalated.