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BarConic® Zinc Alloy Citrus Squeezer


Our BarConic® Zinc Alloy Citrus Squeezer offers efficient juice extraction and is perfect for professional use in any bar or restaurant and also for personal use in the kitchen at home. Not only is this hand held citrus press easy to use for creating delicious cocktails but it also can be used to squeeze fresh citrus juice for homemade salad dressing, prepairing seafood, ect. Use this durable zinc alloy citrus squeezer on lemons, limes, small oranges and more to make the perfect blood orange drink or tropical cocktail!

The unique design on this lemon squeezer keeps all the juice directed in a stream so it can dispense directly into your bowl or cup. This allows you to quickly and efficiently juice all of your citrus fruits behind the bar without getting your hands sticky from the splatter.

  • Made of durable zinc alloy
  • Efficient fresh juice extraction
  • Perfect for use on lemons, limes, small oranges and more!

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