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Beersicle™ - 3 Pack

The reusable Beersicle™ allows you to enjoy ice cold beer until the last drop without watering it down. The water filled icicle has openings at the top that doesn't stop you from drinking your beer just like you normally would. Just freeze the water filled icicle, insert into beverage, and enjoy.
  • Keeps every sip of beer cold
  • In-bottle drink chiller
  • Features hole in top that allows you to drink beer normally
  • Perfect gift for any beer lover
  • Fits all normal size beer bottles
  • Reusable product- Freeze again and again
  • Compare to CHILLSNER® - you also get THREE from us for less price
Additional Information
  • Dimensions: 8.25” Tall, 1” Top Diameter
  • Liquid inside is pure water unlike other chillers that use non-disclosed chemicals
  • Brought to you from the makers of the Ice Block Cooler™