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Floral Green Glitter V-Rod® Bottle Opener

This V-Rod® Bottle Opener features a green floral pattern design with a reflective glitter finish. The interesting abstract floral design creates an interesting bottle opener that is sure to set you apart as a bartender and elevate your services.

Beautifully printed bottle openers make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and more! Our V-Rod® Bottle Openers are one of the hottest bartending accessories out there. They provide you with the ability to quickly and efficiently remove beer bottle caps (just like a traditional speed opener), but can also be utilized as a liquor pourer remover on the other end.

  • Glitter finish
  • Abstract green floral pattern
  • Removes liquor pourers as well as beer bottle caps
  • High quality, stainless steel, durable V-Rod® Bottle Opener ideal for busy bartenders or for at home use
  • Additional Information
    • Dimensions: 7.45" x 1.70"
    • Unique groove on the ring perfect for removing stubborn bottle pour spouts

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