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ADD YOUR NAME SPEED Bottle Opener – Mermaid


Always be Yourself. Unless you can be a Mermaid. Then...always be a Mermaid. These are words to live by! The Mermaid Speed Bottle Opener is a fun and colorful design that is sure to be a bartender favorite! This opener is printed on our "metallic" speed opener, so it gives it a beautiful shine like it just came out of the sea. Plus, as an added bonus you can add your name or any text you would like to this opener! Adding text isn't required, but is definitely a cool way to claim your opener. Customized bar keys are a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, and more!

Speed Bottle Openers (aka bar blades, bar keys, bartender bottle openers, church keys) are a “must have” for any bartender. Bartenders love they can keep these openers stored in their back pocket for a quick and easy way to pop off the top of any beer bottle without hurting their hands at all.

PLEASE NOTE: "Add your Name" is an optional feature to this design. If you wish to purchase just the design without this feature, simply leave the text field blank.

  • Add your own name or text capability
  • Crisp, vibrant color design
  • High quality, stainless steel, durable Speed Bottle Opener ideal for busy bartenders

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