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BarConic® Cocktail Press - 1000ml

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A Cocktail Press is a wonderful new bar tool used to infuse your signature craft cocktails with quality ingredients. Our 1000ml (34 ounce) BarConic® Cocktail Press is the perfect choice when pressing different ingredients and can also be used to press teas or coffee. This press features a shatterproof heat-resistant carafe made of borosilicate glass with a stainless steel mesh filter for perfect infusion and filtration.  

The easiest way to infuse flavor into a pressed cocktail is to add your chosen fruits, spices, veggies, or herbs to the bottom of the glass, then muddle. Add your cocktail, and press down on the cocktail press when ready. Pour over a glass of fresh ice and garnish. 

Do you want all the flavor of a fresh Strawberry Mojito, for example, but don’t want all the little floating bits stuck in the straw or your teeth? Then muddle the fresh strawberries and mint in our shatterproof borosilicate glass, add the cocktail ingredients, then press. Pour over fresh ice, top with seltzer, and garnish.

Need more ideas? How about Jalapéno-Dill Margaritas, Honey-Peach Old Fashioneds, Cucumber-Lemon Tom Collins, Pineapple-Basil Whiskey Sours, Blueberry-Ginger Cosmopolitans, and more!

  • Fine stainless steel mesh
  • Shatterproof heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • 1000ml