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Vintage Martini Cocktail Glass - 8 oz - 6 Pack


The traditional martini has evolved so much over the years with new flavorful recipes and presentations that it is absolutely vital to serve your own concoction in the perfect vintage martini glass. Craft cocktails are a growing trend that many professional bartenders and home bar enthusiasts are all about. The desire to create the most intoxicating recipes accommodated by the perfect garnishes and then ultimately served in the most exquisite vessel has become an art in the industry.

Beautiful classic etching woven into Rona’s vintage Martini and Nick & Nora glasses fully accentuate the sophistication of the classic cocktail era. These ethereal vine-like designs crawl suavely across the glass, livening the allure of the cocktail inside. Rona’s new etched patterns Vintage Lace and Vintage Dots enhance the existing beauty, adding style to style.This vintage coupe style cocktail glass fits into this exciting craft cocktail movement perfectly. This is an elegant glassware piece that gives your cocktail presentation an exciting personality, one that your guests are sure to appreciate and one you can feel good about during your bar service. These 8 ounce retro martini glasses are sold in packs of 6.

  • Vintage frosted design marking offers an elegant element to your craft cocktails
  • Ideal for signature Martinis.
  • Crystal clear glass, exquisite design
  • Holds up to 8 oz
  • Measures: 5.5" Height, 3.75" Rim Diameter, 2.75 Base Diameter

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