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Pineapple Silicone Ice Mold Tray


Your next party can be transformed into a tropical oasis with this adorable “Pineapple” Ice Mold Tray. Create your next cocktail concoction to give your guests something to talk about! This silicone ice mold is designed to form 12 perfect pineapple shaped ice cubes. It is great to fill with water or even flavored drinks.

Themed silicone ice ball trays, such as this one, are becoming a popular trend in modern mixology. Presenting your cocktails with unique and trendy elements is a charming and desirable feature among many mixologists.

  • Makes 12 pineapple shaped icecubes
  • Made from a silicone rubber
  • Flexible mold allows you to remove cubes easily
  • Mold is dishwasher safe