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Ice Ball Mold - Moon


Creative ice cubes are all the rave these days in the craft cocktail realm. The perfect ice cube is considered an art, and with many different types of ice molds available, this moon design stands out among the rest. The spherical silicone mold features circular rivets, enabling the look of a moon. Your guests will love the creative cocktail presentation while they sip their spirits. Ice balls are an ideal ice cube alternative for chilling cocktails, as they are designed to melt slowly, therefore, not watering down your drinks during consumption.

Like with any ice mold, it is highly recommended that you use purified water when freezing your ice ball. Purified water will give the ice the ultimate clarity, which is very important for your cocktail presentation. Clouded ice cubes are a no-no!

  • Makes a 1.9" diameter ice ball
  • Melts ice slower during chilling process, maintaining drink flavor longer
  • Creative and fun moon design
  • Hand wash only

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