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BarConic® Pink Fishbowl Plastic Drinkware - 20 ounce - With Lid and Straw


This 20 ounce BarConic® Pink Plastic Fishbowl Cup is a must have novelty piece for any party! Challenge your guests for their cocktails using these for a fishbowl ping pong game. Also, great for the beach or anywhere a fruity cocktail is on demand! Just please don’t add real fish to your cocktails!

These fishbowl cups come with a lid and straw. They are made from a very durable thick plastic and will endure whatever drinking games you can come up with. Liven up any party with these fun cocktail cups!

  • 20 ounce
  • Transparent Plastic Ware
  • Cup is approximately 4 in tall
  • Mouth width 3.25 inch
  • Straw 8.75in long
  • Very durable

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