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BarConic® Liquor Pourer with Antique Copper Finish


Every bar, restaurant, club and home bar needs to have our BarConic® Antique Finish Liquor Pourers. The added efficiency they create makes them an absolute necessity behind the bar. Bartenders trying to dispense liquor and craft cocktail without liquor pourers can cause frequent inaccuracies, especially during a busy night or a rush. These inaccuracies can lead to unsatisfactory drinks that either have to be remade or it creates a negative perception of your bartending skills. Trying to quickly grab and pour from liquor bottles without pourers also causes frequent spills and messes. Between the inaccurate pours and all of the spilled liquor, gallons of your valuable and expensive liquors are being thrown down the drain. Our liquor pourers create a more controlled flow that will drastically reduce wasted product and lost profit. These unique liquor spouts have been engineered to ensure a steady pour and facilitate accurate portions. The simple yet sleek design of the copper tone gives this essential device a sophisticated and classy appeal. The copper coating creates an old fashioned elegance and vintage charm that instantly enhance any collection of barware tools.

  • Creates controlled flow
  • Similar to the BarConic® 304SS
  • Stylish copper finish
  • Reduces spills
  • Fits most liquor bottles

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