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BarConic® 1.5 oz Skull Shot Glass


Who wants a shot? Next time you and your guests want to take shots, pour them in our BarConic® brand skull shot glasses. Our custom designed skull shot glass is the standard 1.5 oz size but the attention to detail is what makes this a great addition to your bar glassware. You don’t find a skull shot glass in many bars, and its novelty design is what will make it a crowd favorite. Get ready for everyone to want to take a shot from this glass and get yours today. Skull glassware isn't just for Halloween and other "Day of the Dead" holidays anymore! They have been playing an intricate part in the craft cocktail movement by adding an exciting element to drink presentations.

  • Capacity: 1.5 ounce
  • Dimensions: 2.25" Height x 2" Rim Diameter x 1.25" Base Diameter
  • Durable, thick high quality glass material

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