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Saxophone Neon Sculpture


The Saxophone NEON Sculpture is a fun mesmerizing addition to add to the decor of your jazz club. It features hand blown neon tubing that plugs into a black base and can be adapted to sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. It is powered by solid state transformers, which operate silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. All you do is plug it in – no special wiring required.

  • Saxophone Design
  • Hand blown neon tubing
  • Plugs into a black base (fully houses all the electronics)
  • Base has an on and off switch (Sits on a shelf or hangs on a wall)
  • Warm mesmerizing glow
Additional Info
  • Dimensions: 12" W x 16" H x 6" D
  • Powered by solid state transformers
  • Operates silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs
  • Simply plugs in
  • No special wiring required