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Cocktail Shaker - 4 Piece Dial-a-Drink - 28 ounce

This 28oz Four Piece "Dial-a-Drink" Shaker is a fun but practical novelty that lets you dial-in and view 13 classic cocktail recipes by rotating the base inside the exterior cover piece. Made with durable stainless steel, it's ideal for home bars and kitchens. Has been seen at double the price on other websites!

Choosing the perfect cocktail shaker is a personal matter, and you are sure to become proficient with any style you choose. If your interest is spill-free ease of operation, a three piece shaker may suit you. For experienced bar workers who might be looking for quickness, a 2-piece system of capping a smaller tin or mixing glass is often used, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and an ice strainer to separate the ice. Two piece shakers are also offered as a set, and oftentimes look is important as anything. If you want a little flair and comfortable hold, you may want to consider a Vinylworks shaker. Deciding metal or plastic is a factor when purchasing limits and show for both professionals and beginners are key.