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Cocktail Shaker - 3 Piece DELUXE - Stainless Steel

The Deluxe Three Piece (also called Cobbler) Shaker Deluxe has a couple notable differences than the standard 3 piece variety. The top strainer section fits over the tin, which combined with the ornamental ridge allows for a bit more grip in use and separation. The cap fits snug on top to prevent spillage. Made of quality stainless steel, it's available in 8oz at 6 1/4", 16oz at 8", and 24oz at 9 3/8".

Deciding on the "correct" shaker is familiarity and opinion, and you can become proficient with any model you choose. If your interest is clean ease of use, a three piece shaker may be your solution. For experienced mixologists who are looking for speed, a two piece system of capping a small tin or mixing glass is common, as is simply using a single tin for stirring and a cocktail strainer to separate the ice. 2-piece shakers are often sold as a set, and oftentimes having a matching look is important as anything. If you're looking for a bit of color and no slip grip, you may want to check out a Vinylworks shaker. Deciding metal or plastic is another consideration when purchasing limits and show of both pros and home bar enthusiasts are important.

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