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3 piece Cocktail Shaker - Hammered Copper / Stainless Steel - 28 ounce


We love taking the standard 3 piece cocktail shaker to a stylish new level. This gorgeous 28 ounce shaker has a rustic appeal by combining 2 color elements. A reflective hammered copper center interrupts a brushed copper body and is then topped off with a reflective stainless steel top accent.

3 piece shakers are a great bar tool to have handy at all times. The built in strainer is perfect for straining away ice and other ingredients, while the interior walls are constructed from a high quality stainless steel material that ignites the ultimate chill when shaken with ice.

  • High quality, durable construction
  • Features 3 separate pieces with built in strainer
  • Unique, rustic and modern design
  • Measures 10" in height
  • Ideal for master mixologists and professional bartenders

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