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Vintage Milk Bottles with Straw - 8 ounce - 4 pack

If you’re looking to throw a 1950's themed party at your home, then this 4-Pack of Vintage 8oz. Milk Bottles with Straws will definitely go a long way in helping you pull off an era-appropriate event. Maybe you’re looking to use them to serve milk as a way to pay homage to the good ole’ days when milk was delivered to one’s door in similarly designed, yet larger scale bottles. Or, maybe you’re looking for an attractive way to serve your latest craft cocktail, a milkshake, or smoothie creation. Better yet, maybe you’re a crafty person looking for the perfect party favor to put your guests’ favorite bite-size snack in as they head out the door. These are just some of the many options available for using these nostalgic pieces of Americana. Each 8oz. bottle measures 5.5” in height with a 2” base and 1.75” diameter, capable of holding nearly 200 jelly bean sized candies per one. A red and white candy striped paper straw finishes off this vintage style drinkware’s design for an authentic 1950's look.
  • Vintage 1950's inspired drinkware
  • perfect for milkshakes, smoothies and creamy craft cocktails
  • Set includes 4 x 8 ounce bottles and 4 x red and white striped paper straws
  • Measures: 5.5" Height x 2" Base x 1.75" Rim Diameter

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