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The Cocktail Companion: A Guide to Cocktail History, Culture, Trivia and Favorite Drinks - "Autographed"


Cheryl Charming’s 16th book is her 38-year collection, and it takes you on a journey of all things cocktail from fun trivia, historical timelines, recipes and their variations, cocktails seen in films, top ten lists, bar etiquette, and so much more. Esteemed cocktail writer, Gaz Regan has written the foreword, and the book includes blurbs from the best in the bar business including Dale “King Cocktail” DeGroff, Tony Abou-Ganim, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, and Tobin Ellis.

"This book is a toboggan ride through the history of the cocktail. Packed with wonderful facts and nuggets at every turn. Cheryl has mined some of the leading experts to come up with a compelling story.”
―Dale “King Cocktail” DeGroff
The Craft of the Cocktail and The Essential Cocktail

“Cheryl has demystified the cocktail, and made it what it should always be, fun and approachable! She takes us on an entertaining journey into the world of libations and those who serve them; their histories, stories, and antidotes. In the end, we better understand how we have arrived where we have and leave a more educated and appreciative imbiber!”
―Tony Abou-Ganim
The Modern Mixologist

“Eureka! Cheryl Charming just made the internet obsolete. The bartending maven once again has done all the digging and delivered the gold on the history of everything bartending, cocktails, and cocktail bars.”
―Tobin Ellis
BarMagic of Las Vegas

"Cheryl Charming makes facts fun again! In addition to page-turning chapters on drink evolution through the millennia and the backstory of just about every famous cocktail (I particularly enjoyed her revelations about the Cosmopolitan). This book offers thoroughly entertaining sections on cocktails in film, literature, and television. The “Name Your Poison” list, in which Cheryl cites the favorite drink of celebrities past and present, is alone worth the price of the book."
―Jeff “Beachbum” Berry
Sippin' Safari, Beachbum Berry’s Intoxica!, Beach Bum Berry’s Remixed, Beach Bum Berry's Grog Log, and Beach Bum Berry’s Taboo Table

“Cheryl has compiled a wealth of knowledge and experiences from virtually every corner of cocktail culture, and masterfully collated it all into a fun book that ushers the reader along a grand tour of kaleidoscopic indulgence.”
―T.A. Breaux
Absinthe: The Exquisite Elixir

“You know what would be valuable? A ten-volume encyclopedia of drink. You know what’s even more valuable? Ten volumes of information condensed into one. And that’s what Cheryl Charming has compiled ―a comprehensive resource for both professionals or serious amateurs curious about spirits, cocktails, the history behind them, and how to make ‘em.”
―Wayne Curtis
And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails

“This book is a comprehensive, thoroughly researched, easy to read compendium of cocktail history. You can open it to any page and find yourself engrossed for the next hour. Buy a copy for your bar, your coffee table, heck, even your bathroom!”
―Philip Greene
To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion and A Drinkable Feast: A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris

About the Author:
Cheryl Charming has been heavily steeped in the cocktail culture as a bartender since 1980. In high school, she worked as a pizza waitress then quickly progressed to cocktail waitress, barback, bartender, and head bartender. With a penchant for travel, Cheryl tended bar many places around America, a cruise ship in the Caribbean, and Walt Disney World. While working at WDW she became the bar trick/bar magic instructor for Disney's F&B training program, Quest for the Best. Currently, she lives in the French Quarter and is the Bar Director at the Bourbon O Jazz Bar on the corner of Bourbon and Orleans inside the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. She held the title of "Mixologist of the Year" in 2015 by New Orleans Magazine.