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Sterno® Green - Chafing Fuel - 2 Hour

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The Sterno® Green now meets the Green Restaurant Association's (GRA) rigorous endorsement standards for chafing fuels and has earned the coveted GRA Endorsement which resulted in a cleaner, healthier, greener fuel for the foodservice industry.
Summary of Highlights and Features
  • Ideal for Full-Size Chafing Dishes and Hot Boxes
  • Burn Time: 2 hours
  • Maximum Temperature: 195°F
  • Biodegradable, Water soluble, Nontoxic, Carbon monoxide and Methanol Free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • No odor or Smoke
  • Use CAUTION when handling OPEN FLAME products
  • Use a blunt object such as a spoon to pry off the lid
  • Cup hand over lid when opening can
  • Remove excess gel from lid if it is being used as a regulator
  • Wash fuel residue from hands
  • Place the can underneath the chafing dish or beverage urn before lighting
  • Make sure cans are placed securely in equipment
  • Use a long handled match or butane lighter to light cans
  • Use a snuffer paddle, regulator or saucer to extinguish flame
  • Wait until can is cool before touching
  • Use a sharp knife to pry off lid
  • Use a lit can to light another can
  • Carry lit cans
  • Carry chafing dishes or beverage urns with lit cans
  • Touch cans while still hot
  • Allow loose clothing, napkins or tablecloths near flame
  • Allow hair to fall near flame
  • Use hands to extinguish flame
  • Blow out flame to extinguish