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Pour Spout Cleaner

Say goodbye to soaking your pourer spouts, using detergents and rinsing the spouts. This Pour Spout Cleaner will make it fast and easy to clean and sanitize your pourer spouts. Clean spouts will last longer, pour more smoothly and more accurately. The Pour Spout Cleaner cleans up to a dozen spouts. This system uses forced warm water only and eliminates the need for soaking or the use of detergents. Simply place spouts in the slots and start pumping warm water which cleans them from the inside.
  • Easy way to clear liquor bottle pourers
  • No more soaking pour spouts
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Pourers will pour more smoothly and accurately
  • Cleans up to a dozen spouts at a time
  • System uses forced warm water only