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iView Picasso Smart Art Industrial Food - Grade Printer


An amazing machine that is taking technology to another level. It features an independent R&D spray-head for precise designs, and includes an edible ink cartridge. As a stand-alone machine, the iView Picasso can print without the need of additional devices. Simply plug in the machine and begin printing your designs onto your creations. You can also upload images by scanning the QR code of an image you uploaded or directly input the picture's URL. Use for coffee, milkshakes, beer, cocktails, cookies, cupcakes. Any food with a flat surface even toast.

  • Includes edible food-grade cartridge
  • Cup Diameter: 4 – 10 cm
  • Cup Height: 5 – 18 cm
  • Overall Dimension: 34 × 27 × 41 cm
  • Prints 800 - 1000 cups