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Flirts Coasters - 69 Ice Breaker Conversation Coasters

Break the ice with these fun conversation starting drink coasters! Flirt coasters feature 69 coasters with funny phrases and a blank talk bubble on the back that leaves room for any personal message. Bars can spice up their ladies night with these clever pickup lines, and maybe even match up the perfect couple!
  • Each variation has a pre-printed "icebreaker" on the front, or a "pick-up" line, and a talk bubble on the back for the drink sender to write their name, phone number, or a personal message of their choosing
  • A fun new way to meet people
  • 23 Unique "pick-up" lines are sure to get a reaction!
  • Perfect for bars to use these on Ladies Night
  • Can also be sold to their customers when they want to buy a lady a drink
Additional Info
  • Comes with 69 Flirts Coasters (23 unique variations)
  • Made of absorbable cardboard
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5"

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