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Custom Beer Tap Board - Chalk Board

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Managing your beer taps can be difficult, because each time a new beer is put on tap you need to change the tap's label. Using Beer Tap Boards is a unique and easy way to adjust beer tap labels without removing the actual taps. Custom Beer Tap Boards are available with either a Chalkboard or Black Dry Erase Board surface, so you can easily erase the old label and add a new one. These Beer Tap Boards are ideal for home brewed kegerators and busy bars, because their erasable surface can be quickly changed with each new keg.

A growing trend with restaurants and bars is to stock a large variety of beers on tap, and to continuously switch them out with various brands (ranging from microbrew to name brand). Microbrews are growing in popularity, unfortunately many of these microbrews don't have their own handles, and using generic handles can become confusing for both bartender and customer. Keep both the bartender and customer aware of all the beers on tap with these Custom Beer Tap Boards.
  • Available in a Chalkboard surface
  • Dimensions : 7.5" x 3.5" x 1.125"