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CO2 Counter Glass Froster

SKU GC-1000

This CO2 counter glass froster is an innovative cooling system that freezes glassware in just a few seconds, instantly cooling and frosting all types of glasses. It works with food and beverage liquid CO2. It releases and sprays liquid CO2 at a freezing temperature of -45 degrees Celsius. Ensures a fast efficient delivery of ice cold glasses to the customer eliminating the problem of warm glasses, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. For at home use, no more leaving your beer glass in a freezer for long periods. Instead, put the glass under the spout, and press the button on top you've got a frosted glass in seconds! The machine is also perfect for champagne and sparkling wine. "Liquid CO2 and Tank not included".

  • CO2 Glass Froster
  • Frosts Glass at -45 degrees Celsius
  • Measures: 28" L x 11" W x 7" H
  • Ideal for chilling beer, champagne, wine and cocktail glasses
  • Liquid CO2 and Tank not included