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CBD Herbal Bitters - 3 oz. ( 40 Servings)


CBD Herbal Bitters to add to cocktails, beverages, or sparkling water. These bitters have benefits to help with pain relief, hangover prevention and so much more. Just add 5 simple dashes to any drink and enjoy. Made of premium botanicals and now with the power of Colorado grown cannabidiol to easily create world-class drinks. All products are non-GMO, gluten-free and handcrafted in Colorado. NOTE: This is NOT an oil, and therefore bottles display the actual amount of CBD versus what you see on most oils that display the weight of the carrier Oil & CBD (misleading consumers by over 5x the actual amount) these bottles have 40 servings. 

Summary of Highlights and Features
  • THC-Free CBD Herbal Bitters
  • Made of premium botanicals
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free and handcrafted in Colorado
  • 3 oz. Bottles
Additional Info
  • 40 Servings per Bottle 
  • 200 mg CBD
Flavors Included
  • Orange (orange peel, black walnut,  gentian, clove, cardamom) 

  • Aromatic (aromatic herbs of turmeric,  cardamom, cinnamon, all spice) 

  • Cherry (tart and sour cherries, cherry  bark, Schisandra berries, cassia  cinnamon, devil’s club, gentian) 

  • Virtue (organic super critical  cannabidiol, rose, sage, blessed  thistle, holy basil, chrysanthemum) 

  • Lavender (lavender, chamomile,  vervain, yarrow, calendula, tansy)