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Cast Iron Steak Weight with Wooden Handle

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This metal steak weight with wooden handle is the preferred tool for pressing meats to extract grease and keep bacon from over-curling. Made of solid cast iron and a wooden handle for a low heat grip. 5.75 x 9.5 inches. Crafty bartenders and master mixologists use this tool to extract as much grease as possible for infused spirits.

Fat Washing:
Fat washing is when you infuse a fat such as bacon grease or melted "real" butter with a spirit. For example, if you were making a bacon infused Bourbon, you would pour the Bourbon into an infusing jar then the grease from a pound of bacon in after. Allow to sit for 24 hours then place into the freezer so that the fat rises. When the fat coagulates (takes like an hour), simply remove it from the surface then strain it though a strainer to catch the little bits. The result is a smoky flavored infused Bourbon.