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Bottle Top Salt Rimmer - Drink Topper - Yellow

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Don't Let Your Drink Go Topless! This unique Pop n Top Salt Rimmer fits a variety of bottles and shot glasses. Impress your patrons by using this new salt rimmer on their Coronas, Lemon Drop Shots, or any other Beer Bottle. 

Using a regular salt shaker to pour salt to on your beverage is normally an awkward task that very often results in spills , extra cleanup work , over salting and frothing. The salt shaker requires you to hold the bottle upright with one hand while trying to shake the substance with the other hand, it becomes time-intensive and a clumsy chore.

Intended Use:

The dispenser is intended to be reusable , as in applications where, for example, a bar patron would be given or sold his or her own dispenser to use and take home, The dispenser is made of plastic and may be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes for a variety of industries.

Drink Topper is a beer bottle and shot glass rimmer.

The spring loaded dispenser has an opening to pour in salt, sugar, and powders. The DrinxTopper delivers a controlled flow of a pourable material to the outer rim, but not to the interior, of the containers. The Drink Topper also comes with a bottom shot glass rimmer that rims any shot glass size. A perfect barware combination

Drink Topper is not only for beer, it works well on other bottles like soda and water.

Product Features
  • Works with beer, soda, and water bottles.
  • Opening to pour in salt, powders, and sugars
  • Reusable product
Additional Info
  • Made of plastic
  • 2.8" x 4.25"

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