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BarConic® Antique Silver Coated Shaker - 28oz

PLEASE NOTE: These 28 ounce antique silver shaker tins may have small inconsistencies in sizing and might not work in conjunction with our MAKOS and 16 ounce cheater tins, however they work perfectly with a standard mixing glass, 16 or 18 ounce shaker tin.

The BarConic® Antique Silver Coated 28oz Shaker features a weathered antique silver finish. With the craft cocktail and professional bartending movements in full swing this rustic look is becoming quite popular. It's made of durable stainless steel for a strong long lasting product and perfect for the professional bartender or mixologist looking to heighten the quality of the barware they use to create craft cocktails. This shaker tin is great for working mixers who are looking for quickness, a two piece system of capping a small shaker or mixing glass is common and often is preferring instead a single tin for mixing and a wire strainer to separate the ice. Two piece shakers are often sold as a set, and for many look is a large consideration. We also offer matching antique silver bar tools including strainers, openers, jiggers and more.

Also available in 16oz cheaters tins for matching, these 28oz stainless steel weighted-bottom shakers are antiqued for a more rustic and weathered look, making them bar accessories that are sure to stand out in your collection of tools, or add a bit of flair to your flair bartending.

  • 28oz
  • Great for busy bartenders
  • Weathered antique silver finish
  • Ideal option for shaking cocktails

These shakers meet our "Flair Shaker" standards, which require an opening diameter of 91mm-92mm.