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BarConic® Feather Etched Mixing Glass -Stemmed 887ml (30oz.)


This striking BarConic® 30oz. Feather Etched Mixing Glass makes a great addition to any collection of barware utensils. The perfect mixture of utility and elegance, the beautiful contour of the large spout provides the right amount of space for consistently perfect pours. A premium quality mixing glass is a vital piece to any collection of bartending tools. With a capacity of 30oz., it provides the perfect amount of space for an optimal mixing process, allowing you to combine the ingredients more effectively. This beautifully simple and essential cocktail mixing glass is destined to become the centerpiece of any collection of cocktail tools. Unlike steel cocktail mixing tins, this glass is completely transparent, letting you easily see how well mixed your drink is before pouring and straining. This high quality mixing pitcher is the perfect option anytime you have a cocktail that needs to be mixed instead of shaken. The unique feather etched design gives this attractive vessel a vintage and graceful finish, and the superior craftsmanship makes this cocktail mixing glass a guaranteed asset. Our BarConic® 30oz. Feather Etched Mixing Glass is the perfect way to stay both stylish and effective behind the bar.

  • Attractive feather etched design
  • Holds 30 ounces (887ml)
  • Durable base