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4oz. Soft Bag Flasks with Funnel (Set of Four)

These Soft Bag Flasks are perfect for both men and women. Wherever you go your flask goes, whether you are going to concerts, sporting events, cruises, festivals, amusement park. It's easy to fill and pour, smuggle your booze in your pants or hide booze in your boot.

Women: INSTANT BOOB JOB! Our Boobie Bags will give you a 4 oz “lift” each side while comfortably hidden in your bra.
Men: NO SOCKS NECESSARY! Hide them in your skivvies or wherever you choose to put them.
Additional Information
  • Comes in packs of 4 with funnel to fill
  • Durable, reusable, screw top, leak proof 4 oz plastic bags
  • Food and beverage safe
  • Holds 4 oz
  • Leak Proof Screw Top