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The Wingman Corkscrew - Stainless Steel

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This may not be your "Traditional" Winged Corkscrew style, but its functionality doesn't differ much while offering similar features. This Wingman Corkscrew is a hybrid of the popular winged corkscrew, and the common waiters corkscrew. What's so great about this fusion? While many bartenders and servers prefer the functionality of a winged corkscrew, they tend to be too heavy and awkward to carry around. Wingman provides this utility in a compact, lightweight version that is easily transportable in serving aprons or pockets.

The Wingman is a durable, high-quality corkscrew. It showcases a beautiful brushed on Stainless steel finish, giving it a vintage appeal. If you are looking to upgrade your corkscrew, and you prefer something that offers a simple and efficient utility as well as a classy look, then the wingman corkscrew is perfect for you!

  • Offers a simple and efficient utility
  • Measures 5" Length when closed
  • Beautiful quality with a vintage appeal
  • Compact and lightweight version of a traditional Winged Corkscrew

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