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Fog Top Cocktail Smoker Standard Kit

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Creating the perfectly smoked cocktail is no longer a job for the professional bartender. This new and innovative whiskey smoker plus culinary torch is so easy to use, and is perfect for the home bar enthusiast that loves a smokey spirit. 

Included in this kit: Fog Top Whiskey Smoker, (2) 13oz Stemmed Goblet Style Whiskey Glasses, (6) Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, Black Culinary Torch, Pipe Cleaner and a pouch of Oak Flavored Wood Chips

The Fogtop Whiskey Smoker is brilliantly designed to smoke your cocktails right in the glass. No need for wood planks or smoking domes! Constructed from a durable Oak wood material, this Fogtop also comes with your own Oak flavored starter chips. Once the chips are ignited, the cap is used to trap the smoke inside the vessel giving it no other escape option but through the small holes circulating the base. This in turn fills your glass with the smokey essence adding an exquisite flavor to not only the cocktail inside the glass but also the interior walls of the glass itself. 


How to use:

1. Create your preferred Whiskey/Bourbon cocktail. If you prefer a chilled spirit, we suggest using a mixing glass and lightly "stir" your concoction with large ice cubes.

2. Strain your cocktail into your whiskey glass of choice. (The Fogtop is designed to work with most glassware styles) For an extra chill, ice balls or king cubes are recommended to avoid ice melting to quickly and watering down your spirits.

3. Place the Fogtop right onto the rim of the glass so that the cylindrical part is inside the glass and remove the cap/lid.

4. Spoon your Oak wood chips under the dipped metal strainer portion of the Fogtop. You don't need a lot! Just about 1 table spoon will do the job. 

5. In a SAFE ENVIRONMENT, ignite the wood chips using a culinary torch.

6. Torch the chips for a few seconds until your desired smoke fills the glass, quickly place the Fogtop lid/cap back onto the unit in order to trap the smoke inside. This will then force the smoke to fill your glass. Watch as this adds an aromatic and woodsy flavor to your cocktail, as well as the interior walls of the glass. 

7. Once the smoke dissipates, or you feel you have added enough smokey flavor, carefully remove the Fogtop from your glass and enjoy!!

** Please be sure the flame is distinguished entirely when not in use. 


  • Designed to fit most standard sized glasses
  • Included: Fog Top Whiskey Smoker, (2) 13oz Stemmed Goblet Style Whiskey Glasses, (6) Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, Black Culinary Torch, Pipe Cleaner and a pouch of Oak Flavored Wood Chips
  • Material: A combination of Birch Plywood and Red Oak
  • Dimensions: Top 3.5" diameter x 2" overall height
  • Strainer removes for easy cleaning
  • Note: Butane Not Included.