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Kegerator - One Stainless Steel Tower - 1/5hp Compressor, R134A Coolent, Fits 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel, 1/6 barrel and Home Brew Kegs

Summary of Highlights and Features
  • Includes a one faucet high quality Stainless Steel Tower
  • Commercial grade, heavy duty
  • 1/5hp compressor, R134A
  • Stainless steel top with removable drip tray and rails
  • Stainless steel floor and interior
  • Air cooled dispensing tower, built in blower pushes cold air through the tower
  • Self-closing door with a key lock
  • Two heavy duty evaporator fans for better air circulation and maximum performance
  • High efficiency 2" foam in place insulation of the keg box and the door
  • Heavy duty rubber castor wheels
  • Fits 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel, 1/6 barrel and home brew kegs
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