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BarConic® Four Prong Strainer – Silver Glitter


The superior design of this BarConic® Four Prong Strainer is the reason why this invaluable bartending utensil is a necessity in any bar, restaurant or cocktail friendly home. A high quality professional cocktail strainer can instantly elevate any drink. This popular barware tool is responsible for producing a smooth and consistent texture when dispensing mixed drinks. The enhanced effectiveness of this bartending device enables you to quickly strain and serve cocktails. The coiled springs of this strainer grip the rim of almost any cocktail shaker or mixing glass. The barrier created by the wound coils is extremely effective at preventing ice and other debris from being dispensed. The attractive silver shimmer of this cocktail strainer will match perfectly with the décor of any bar or restaurant. The reflective sparkle gives this piece an elegant charm that is guaranteed to add some glamour to every cocktail. This strainer will glistens and shimmer with every move you make, definitely drawing some attention. This cool cocktail strainer is the perfect way to make a stylish statement while you’re behind the bar. A great gift for any bartender of master mixologist, this BarConic® Glittered Four Prong Strainer is an instant asset.

  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Tight coils create secure grip
  • Classy Glitter finish
  • Four prongs enable stability