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BarConic® Cocktail Strainer with Long Handle Ridge - No Prong - Gunmetal


Cocktail strainers come in many shapes, styles and sizes. There is bound to be the perfect one for every type of bartender, at any bartending level. Many master mixologists and professional bartenders will certainly show interest in this particular style strainer. The sleek long handle design will cater to and aid in control with many different types of mixing glasses and cocktail shakers. The no-prong design offers the skilled bartender more leniency and utility during use. This cocktail strainer features a ridge at the top of the handle, offering a nice resting niche on the rim of your preferred mixing vessel. The reflective gun metal black coating then takes this strainer to an even higher level of class, style and presentation.

  • Measures: 8.25" Length
  • Approximate 3.75" coil diameter
  • Stunning and reflecting gunmetal coating
  • No-Prong design ideal for many types of mixing vessels
  • Appealing design to professional bartenders

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