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BarConic® Julep Strainer – Antique Finish

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Every bartender needs a high quality Julep Strainer in their collection of barware tools. This vital utensil is a must have for any cocktails needing to strain fruit or any acidic ingredients from your cocktail. Shaped like a large perforated spoon, this cocktail strainer fits perfectly on most large and standard mixing glasses. Our classic BarConic® Antique Finish Julep Cocktail Strainer is great at preventing any herbs, pulp, seeds, ice and any other debris from falling into your cocktail and impeding the experience, and its simple to use and easy to clean. This traditional bartending tool adds a sophistication touch to any collection of cocktail utensils, and the antique copper finish of this piece adds a vintage charm that is reminiscent of old copper stills and old fashion distilleries. The look and feel of this piece contains the essence of classic cocktail culture, which ensures that this timeless BarConic® Antique Finish Julep Strainer will never go out of style.

  • Prevent ice and debris from being dispersed
  • Long handle for easy grip
  • Classic copper design
  • Fits most standard and large mixing glasses

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