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BarConic® Weighted Shaker - Gold Plated - 28 and 18 Ounce Set


This BarConic® 2 Piece Gold Plated Shaker Set is perfect for every bartender! These high quality pieces are manufactured from a durable stainless steel material and then gorgeously plated with a reflective gold finish. They will definitely have you shaking up your favorite craft cocktails in style. This set consists of two individual tins that feature a weighted base. You will certainly catch everyone’s eye at your next event when crafting your cocktails!

These gorgeous cocktail shakers are a set of a 28 ounce and an 18 ounce shaker. The 28 ounce shaker stands approximately 7” tall while the 18 ounce shaker stands 5.25” tall. This gold plated set is perfectly designed for a well sealed shaking capacity and constructed to create a supreme environment for reaching the conclusive chill to your cocktail. If you prefer to add style and class to your mixology skills, then these precisely polished shakers are a perfect add to your bar tool lineup.

Hand Wash Only

  • 28 oz Measures: 7” height x 3.5” rim diameter
  • 18 oz Measures: 5.25” height x 3.25” rim diameter
  • Exquisite reflective gold plating
  • Extremely high quality construction
  • Ideal for Craft Bartenders and Master Mixologist’s
  • Stainless steel walls provide the perfect environment for the ultimate chilled cocktail
  • Fortified weighted bases add momentum and control

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