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Mini Garnish Clips - Pack of 50


We are taking your cocktail presentation up yet another level with these mini garnish clips! Your guests will absolutely love their cocktails being presented to them with these cute little clothespin cocktail garnish clips. Think of all the fun and artistic ways you can use them! Cocktail garnishing is an art. The right garnish can definitely make or break a signature cocktail. The use of cocktail picks for garnishes have been used for years, and now the craft cocktail movement is giving us an opportunity to change it up a bit!

Replicated from a wooden clothespin, these mini clothespin garnish clips function the same way and will snugly hold all different types of garnishes to the rim of your glasses. Perfect for herbs and spices such as mint leaves and rosemary sprigs, or even citrus twists. We will leave it to you to add your creative touch!

  • Perfect for garnishing creative craft cocktails
  • Sold in packs of 50
  • Measures 1 inch in length
  • Utilizes pinch spring system to securely fasten
  • Replica of a common wooden clothespin

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