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Final Touch® Snifter Bottle Top Jigger


The Final Touch® Snifter Jigger is the perfect tool for the master mixologist looking to showcase their mixing techniques in a unique and elegant way. The glass measuring jigger is made from lightweight glass and fixed with a silicone stopper to fit into any standard liquor bottle. This versatile jigger measures up to 2 ounces as a measuring jigger, a liquor bottle stopper and a shot glass. The clearly-marked measurements allow up to 2 fl oz and measures in both milliliters and ounces. Easily pour and mix using the convenient pour spout at the top of the glassware.

The Final Touch® Snifter Jigger makes for a unique addition to any liquor bottle. Easily remove, measure and pour using the snifter shaped tool. Hand washing the delicate glass is recommended.

  • Jigger, stopper and shot glass in one
  • Lightweight, elegant glass
  • Measures up to 2 fl oz
  • Measures in milliliters and ounces
  • A unique addition to any bar