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BarConic® Bartending Set with 18oz. Shaker Tin – 4 Piece Silver Glitter


This 4 piece bartending set is perfect for any professional or beginning bartenders. All of the pieces in this barware kit work together to give you phenomenal results. With this set, you’ll always be prepared for anything and everything that happens behind the bar. All of these pieces in one set is creates an excellent deal. This bartending kit works great and is simple to use and super easy to clean. When you purchase this cocktail kit you’ll have confidence knowing that all of your cocktail making needs are filled. The pairing of the 28 oz. and 18oz. shakers gives the ingredients of the cocktail the right amount of space needed to move around and aerate. The tight coils of the 4 pronged strainer are perfect at preventing anything but the beverage from being dispensed. The bottle opener was specifically designed to enhance the speed and ease of use to make you an unstoppable force behind the bar. It’s shaped to sit comfortably in your hand and fits perfectly in your back pocket. This bartending kit is a necessity in every night club and bar, order one today and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

  • 28oz. and 18 oz. weighted shakers.
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Attractive glittering silver finish
  • 4 pronged strainer.