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BarConic® 4 Piece Bartending Kit w/ V-Rod® - 16oz. Weathered Iron

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This BarConic® 4 Piece Bartending Kit is an invaluable tool needed in every bartender’s repertoire. It includes all the utensils necessary to create a perfect cocktail. These stylish bar tools are simple to use and easy to clean, they make a great gift for any beginning bartender. The 28 ounce and 16 ounce shakers give the contents of the cocktail enough room to move around and aerate. The stainless steel frame of the shakers helps to keep the drinks chilled until you’re ready to serve it. The shakers have a textured weathered iron finish that gives you a more secure grip while you’re making drinks. The Hawthorne styled strainer is constructed from stainless steel which guarantees durability and prevents any rust or erosion. The tight ring of coils and four pronged design of the strainer ensure stability and precision when dispensing a beverage. Inferior strainers that struggle to properly strain a drink are a recipe for disaster resulting in sloppy presentation and substandard cocktails. Our new and improved V-Rod® bottle openers help you remove pour spouts from liquor bottles quickly instead of wasting time struggling to wrench it out with your hands. With everything you need, this is a great kit for professional bartenders and home bar enthusiasts. Keep them coming back for great service with this perfect BarConic® 4 Piece Bartender’s Kit.

  • Includes the V-Rod® bottle opener.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Includes 4-pronged hawthorne strainer.