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Coffee Infuser - Single Cup


Quickly serve your patrons delicious single servings of freshly brewed coffee with this Single Cup Coffee Infuser. This Coffee Infuser, or Vietnamese Coffee Infuser, is a great barista tool for just that! Simply add course coffee grounds to the bottom of the brewing chamber, place the filter over the grounds, fill with hot water and snap the top into place. It only takes about 4-6 minutes from start to finish! Included for brewing are the stainless steel brewing chamber, filter press and top. The mug is made of glass and stainless steel, which is also included. This item can be used to make delicious hot coffee, Vietnamese style coffee, loose leaf tea and so much more!

  • Fresh brew single servings for guests
  • Perfect for at home or professional use
  • Brew single servings of delicious hot coffee
  • Included
    • Brewing chamber - stainless steel
    • Filter press - stainless steel
    • Top - stainless steel
    • Mug basket / handle - stainless steel
    • Mug - glass