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Portable Dry Ice Machine

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This machine produces fast and instant 185 grams of dry-ice with liquid CO2 at any time in about 120 seconds. With this instant dry-ice tube machine produce dry-ice fast on the spot. The perfect size to take anywhere, no more need to ever order dry-ice. Use at a special party or a wedding, even just a nice atmosphere with cozy dinner and tasty cocktails should not be missed. Tough smoke-effects of dry-ice at these events are extremely entertaining. Stainless steel and comes with carrying case/storage case. Food-grade CO2 cylinders requires a dip tube. (Tank Not Included) Photo included only to show the tank needed for this product. Dimension 300 × 300 × 420 cm and Weight 11.5kg

  • Portable Dry Ice Machine
  • 185 g cylinder dry ice in only 2 minutes
  • Input: 100-240 VAC power supply
  • Comes with a nice carrying/storage case
  • Tank Not Included