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Lady Absinthe Fountain - 4 Spout

This Lady Absinthe Fountain may not be a historic replica of a vintage Belle Epoque, but it is still a wildly popular design. The removable top portion features the classic “acorn” style while the glass bowl, which holds the ice water, is mouth blown. By slightly turning the spigot, ice cold water is slowly dripped over your sugar cube and into your absinthe glass.

In the late 19th century, Absinthe Fountains were most commonly found in high-end bars because of their high expense. They would be brought to the customers table, where he or she would prepare the absinthe themselves. Absinthe Fountains were (and still are) the preferred way to prepare absinthe.
  • Fountain will accommodate 1 to 4 people (glasses) at one time
  • Hand-made design
  • Stands 24 inches tall (with lid)
  • Metallic plating over heavy brass
  • Bowl holds approximately 9 cups (2.1 liters) of water
  • Simple assembly required